Patient Accounts

Payment Resolution Systems (PRS) is a new patented service that allows providers to make a last-chance settlement offer to your closed patient accounts - accounts you would otherwise be writing off or already have written off.

Here's how it works:

  • You or your collections agency upload a file of closed patient accounts to our secure server.

  • We contact the patient on your behalf to offer a last chance opportunity to settle their account.

  • The patient signs onto our special online payment portal that is branded for your practice and negotiates a settlement using the patented PRS Double-Blind Bidding system.

  • If the patient's bid meets or exceeds your confidential minimum amount, they can make an online payment - or a series of payments - to settle their bill.

  • The patient's online payment is made directly into your merchant bank account.

  • There is no cost to you unless we're successful at resolving your closed balance.

Settlements work because many patients really do want to make good on their medical bills but often can't afford to pay the whole balance. By offering a last-chance online negotiation opportunity, you give the patient a way out - and generate cash from an account you were ready to write off.

PRS works as an extension of your business office. The communications, customer service and online negotiations and settlements are provided in a soft and respectful tone to your patients. You own and approve the message, and are provided a customized website, a toll free number and a merchant processing account all with no additional fees to you.